Sunday, 27 April 2014


Welcome to our stream of ZETA FEATURES.....Pretty, focused and inspiring Elsie owns a blog. It's a blog with a difference, would just let you in on the interview that was.  I like the way she thinks and youths today should be all about that life, inspiring and changing the world one person at a time.

Q:Hello Elsie, Introduce Yourself.
A:My name is Elsie Godwin, I hail from Abia state in Nigeria. I am a student and an aspiring entrepreneur. Simply, a single and happy lady.

Q:Down to business we are here to talk of your blog, what was the inspiration behind it?
A:I started the blog on the 29th of Dec 2012, then it was, I actually thought of having a blog first when I wanted to share my experience of a bad relationship with others. I had approached my friends that used to blog then to help me post it but they all declined and asked me to do it myself. I let the thought slide until after two months when I had the urge to write about virginity and its advantages. I did a little scribbling, opened my blog site on wordpress and posted. Got good response from those that read and I kept at it. At first it was all fun to me until I saw the idea of touching people’s life through my blog. Now its, I am still enjoying every bit of it. is just about 4months old and the growth is amazing.

Q:What do you hope to achieve through your writings and posts?
A:I hope to put a lot of positivity out there. I hope to encourage everyone that comes across my site. I hope to make people understand that we are all humans and we make mistakes but that mistakes shouldn't stop you from moving forward, I hope to make people understand that our challenges are there to make us a better person and point us to the right direction most times, and I hope to make a difference no matter how little it seems.

Q:What other brand do you have in the bank?
A:Brand! Uhmm, I see myself as a versatile person. I should be doing a bit of acting soon and presenting, maybe. Then my baby company named “MASTIK” which will have the ushering segment and a clothing line segment. Mastik ushers are available for any event (07061092369) but the clothing line is still in the pipeline. Will let you all in when that section kick starts.

Q:Define yourself in three words (looks, intellect and behaviour categories)
A:Petite, Disciplined and Spontaneous

Q:Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
A:Well, established. More audience. Good customer base. Money in the bank and a lot of love to go round.
Q:If you could change anything about the world as it is what would it be?
A:The insanity behind religion. (Love is the only way. Love your neighbor as yourself. Any religion that preaches against love, run from it!)

Q:Being a student, it should be hard juggling your blog and your business, how do you do it?
A:Really hard, but the slow part time school program system I found myself in, makes it a little bit easy. You know what they say though, ‘Nothing good comes easy’.

Q:Say you had the opportunity to meet Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates and Barrack Obama, who would you, speak to first and what would be your first question?
A:I think will speak to Bill Gate first. And my question would be, “How do you manage so much money without sharing some with me?” lol

Q: Words you live by and your advice to readers?
A:Nothing happens for nothing, nothing happens by chance.

No matter where you think you have missed the mark, rise up and get back on track. There’s always room to get it right again once you’re still breathing. You are not the worst person on the planet neither is your situation the worst. 
I put it to you that if you are reading this today, on this blog, then you have the power to change your world, the world. The world can be a better place, it begins with you. Show love and understanding, be opinionated and polite rather than being judgmental. Make solutions rather than adding fuel to an already burning bush. Let your words and action speak life and not pain. Above all, love your God, Love yourself, have faith and have fun!

Each day is a gift, enjoy it, the future starts tomorrow, live it….elsieisy

Don't forget loves check out her blog, you may find some help or fall in love with it like I did. Its a break from the regular. Anyways our next stream if posts........... *lips sealed*. 



  1. Yeah!!! Word!!! Small but mighty and that's Elsie right there. Keep it up girlfriend

  2. I want my own interview ooooo!!!!! *sobs* nice piece though. And u better start commenting on my site!!!*angry*

  3. Elsie is a lovely beautiful person.I see she's got big plans. Well done Girl. Still angry she didn't invite me for her Birthday tho.