Monday, 12 May 2014


Hello Fola, Introduce Yourself. Hi my name is Folakemi Awobotu, I'm a graduate of International Relations from Houdegbe North American University. I'm a freelance stylist, a blogger, fashion enthusiast and brand owner of Retro Religion, an online vintage store. Age? Occupation? State of Origin? I'm 24 years old, currently self employed and focusing on my brand. I'm from Ogun State.
The name ‘Retro Religion’ Is Just Different, How did It Come About? Well when I was trying to find a name for my brand I wanted a name that would give people an idea of what my brand was all about just by the sound of it. The name I really wanted was Retrospective, that was the first name that came to my mind, I was so in love with it and had already started working on/with it but I found out much later that the name was already taken I was very sad so I started piecing names together again and settled for Retro Religion. Lol it wasn't an easy task.
In Your Own Words Define The Outfit ‘Retro Religion’ Retro Religion is a brand birthed by the love of the simple yet classy love of prints and vintage pieces from the early 20's. It is rare
Daily Inspiration? God & my strive for success. Role Models When It Comes To Fashion? Bridget Awosika, Victoria Beckham to mention a few. Quotes/ Words You Live By? "Be the change you want to see in the world"- Gandhi Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? Becoming a mogul of course, Lol Your Fashion Dos and Don’ts? I don't follow trends blindly, I consider whether that particular look would suit me.
10. Advice To Young and Aspiring Fashion Enthusiasts and Designers? Don't give up on your dream(s), stay focused and dare to be different Retro Religion is a brand to lookout for, I'm just glad that there is another female entrepreneur. More of her pieces below
Buy something Vintage Today, Instagram or Twitter: RETRO RELIGION Cheers, ZETA

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