Saturday, 23 August 2014


My loveydovies....sorry I've been A.W.O.L (check out my bbm channel for my meaning of A.W.O.L C00034C5E). I'm going to take my own pill, swallow it even if it's like bitter kola (no ebola stunt). I shall be committed and consistent. It's not easy but I'd try my best. Y'all have got to motivate a sister tho......Anyways I've come out from my journey of finding ZETA (new post title or what?)for the umpteenth time. HOUSE OF ZETA is the ultimate TALENT MANAGEMENT AGENCY for artistes,dancers, musicians and models...Our aim and purpose is to guide your career......more if these bants when I talk of rebranding but heyyyyyyy.................. I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!! Don't be shy I know you missed me.

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