Monday, 29 September 2014


What is decent in fashion terms? First of all, let's define decent ' Conforming with generally accepted standard of respectable or moral behavior'. Still confused on defining decency and basically what society describes as decency..... We have shorts, crop tops, sheer outfits, mini skirts (funny how the matter of decency in fashion only applies to ladies), on the unisex level we have the issue of hair color, piercings, tattoos. So I'm throwing it to the house, what is decent?
Is this decent?

Too bright?

Too short?

Too sheer?


Still short? (

Still sinning?

A friend told me decent is when you walk and people can say you look nice without reading meanings to your outfit (in a nutshell). I think it's the heart of your anyone that matter and not how people choose to perceive it, if your intentions are decent then that's all that matters, if you like colorful hair or that tattoo, but when your constant intention is to cause an uproar with your look then decency is not the case, your look should represent who you are nothing more, nothing less. So what do you say is decent?

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  1. People are inclined to stereotyping, either its cos of the way they are brought up or being in situations when people actually matched the stereotype, but all in all people are unique and are not bond by stereotypes that are generally created by religious beliefs. (When we know some of these religious people be ratchet as shit in their closet)