Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Art is beautiful, especially when it's written. Funny how I had this man right under my nose and had no clue he had his way with words, believe me I got schooled. So my poetry lovers, here's one to wrap your head around and probably motivate you to write something..... Or nah

Art by:Unkown


Walking tall Machine Gun Man,

Here you are, here I am.

You spit on me, in my home land.


I pray God aids you this night.

I pray God aids my steel too.

I see you, Machine Gun Man.


I see you drink, I see you laugh.

I see you...

Make merry while you last, Machine Gun Man.


Plunder didn't satisfy you?

Theft didn't either.

Rape did, the rape of these women.


You shoved their head in dirt as you took them from behind.

As you gnarled and growled.

You took them, their innocence.


You made their fathers watch, their children, you made me watch.

You sir, you sir are cruel.

You sir will know no mercy.


In a nutshell, you will feel their pain.

The pain you brought as rounds were wasted on the backs of the fallen.

Even when they were down and dead, you wasted even more on their backs and skulls.


Cruel is you and cruel is me.

Cruel you will see as I'll bring sweet hell to you.

Your cruelty has brought me to this moment, these thoughts.


And yet I find, and yet I find, pity. Pity for you.

My better half fights with my other half in protest but...

...My mind has fallen. I've seen cruelty; I'll embrace it as my marital half.


Machine Gun man, Machine Gun Man, I'm no better than you but I'm a creation of you by extension.

In my plot for your downfall Machine Gun Man, I remember my father’s words, the moment you took him.

He said to me he said;


"I believe in violence, I believe violence can be solved by greater violence. I also know greater violence breeds more violence. I'm certain now, that violence is like energy; it can't be destroyed, it will always be passed on, as it will be done to you"


Be this way, be this way, I still hear him say!

Violence will always breed violence.

Violence, Machine Gun Man.


I saw you Machine Gun Man. As you beheaded little children.

To amuse, to entertain your cast.

They cheered as the blood of the little ones touched the floor; drip by drip.


I watched you Machine Gun Man as you impaled their head on pikes as a warning.

Little children...

Little, children!


Their mothers wailed and cried stones pebbles.

Heavy hearts they had and you smiled, no! Not a smile, a grin!

You monster.


Monsters don't come with long fangs and curved claws,

Monsters don't come with over grown hair,

The come as man, Machine Gun Man!


All monsters are humans, like you, like them... Like me.


I can't tell if this is real or true, the things I've seen this day. My imagination fails me!


My eyes are closed and all I hear myself say is, "oh please God help me"

But he doesn't answer!

I pray, internally to a God I've never meet. He doesn't favour me, shocking?!


Machine Gun Man! I see you as you drag this young girl to your quarters by her hair.

Have mercy...

But you don't hear me speak Machine Gun Man, how can I sir, you sewed my lips together with a rusted nail and a dirty threads!


Doors shut! I hear her scream from here. Its eternity, it's her eternity I feel. I feel for her, she suffers.

Then, silence...

...Cut short by a single gunshot!


A close of my eyes I say a prayer, to a different God for her soul.

Good night.

Good night, good night, good night.


I watch you Machine Gun Mans as you leave your quarters satisfied.

How do you feel?

So much death on your hands, how, do, you, feel? How do you sleep?



Why? Tell me why?

Why the worst crimes in the world are committed freely?


I feel it now! The sharp pain. My body shakes?

My left side aches.

My left lung thumps…


Not now! Not now! Not...




I forgot about my problem.

I can't dwell in anger for this long.

I'll lose my sanity. As if it hasn't gone with these folks who lost their lives today.


I can't, I can't continue.

I stumble.

More coughs, more coughs, blood this time.


That's new.

Very new.

My chest aches further.


Is this it?

I won't get my vengeance.

I'll die here, pitifully.


Not by a gun or by steel?

But by my own defect?

What manner of God won't let you exert your revenge?


I fear this is it.

Machine Gun Man, this is it.

I won't get you.


You win, like you always have.

You win sir.

I yelled.


I say a final prayer...

To the God who never answers.

The prayer, "favour the next man who has the heart and mind and will to do what I thought to do but couldn't."


Ah rest. It's here now.

Machine Gun Man, Machine Gun Man,

You win again today.

Lovely right? I think it speaks to society today, the cycle we have especially in our country, we want to pay evil because of the bad that has been done to us, we know we are wrong but yet we feel justified and are almost sure the next person in our shoes would do the same. It's like the golden maxim does not apply to us, hell, we'd be upset when karma does strike. The machine gun man to me is the great evil you shouldn't contest with, evil cannot be avoided but we can try to become better people for it. Good and evil, black and white they are pure elements and talking to the higher powers that rule, you can't beat them at their own game.

What do you think?

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