Saturday, 13 September 2014


I had an argument the other day about how Lagos is beautiful...So I'm like "Lagos is beautiful sha" and I was told with a very straight face "You can't say Lagos is beautiful, just few places in Lagos but most especially the Island, and not even all of it at that".Still doesn't mean I don't love my Lagos and I still think its beautiful....It's not just about the roads and buildings, I see Lagos with my heart.So the pictures I have are taken from vantage points from the Oriental Office building (I'm sorry I don't know the floor) and I tell you everything looks better from the top.

I relate to that not just because of the pictures but from different perspectives of life, you won't understand what you've got till you see it from a different view, you won't appreciate where you live till you move, you won't appreciate where you've been till you're no longer there.

I for one appreciate when I did not used to pay toll ( not like I own a car but you know what I mean), I really can't remember this part of the Island without the toll gate (Lord make it disappear).

It's amazing how you can see different parts of Lagos from here Lekki Toll Gate 1, Ikoyi, Victoria Island......which other place? A friend sent these pictures to me and if you would like to share Lagos from your eyes then mail pictures and your thoughts to I'd love to see Lagos from someone else's eyes.

My next post is about domestic violence and I decided to do something I've not done in seven years, hope you like it.


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